'One thing you cannot do alone is build a building': Exclusive Blueprint Interview with Daniel Libeskind

The world-renowned architect talks to Blueprint magazine about the role of collaboration in his work, in this exclusive video interview

Each year, Blueprint magazine speaks to two leading architects on the theme of collaboration: what does it mean to them? What role does — or should — collaboration play in the current landscape of architecture and design?

In an exclusive filmed interview, which you can watch below, we sat down with Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind to discuss his experience of collaboration — from the 'intimate' collaboration of product design to the 'unfathomable' collaboration of designing a large-scale masterplan. Here's what he had to say about his work on the World Trade Center masterplan in New York:

'It’s an unfathomable sense of collaboration when you realise that your small meeting might have a thousand people, and that the number of people who are stakeholders is in the hundreds of thousands, never mind the people who have to implement the project on all levels. So yes, it begins to dawn upon you that whatever you’re doing in a drawing, in a sketch, in a concept, is dependent on consensus that it is to be able to garner in worlds which I was hardly aware of when I started.' Watch the full interview below!

We also discussed all things collaboration with acclaimed British designer Thomas Heatherwick, which you can watch here. Full transcripts of both interviews can be found in Issue 361 of Blueprint, on sale in November. 

Our sincere thanks goes to Studio Libeskind, as well as to Arper, who kindly provided the venue for the interviews and supported the filming.

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