Eduard Locota's new collection draws inspiration from land and sea

Romanian designer, Eduard Locota, has a new collection which he has shared exclusively with DesignCurial.

La Falaise Bench & La Falaise Side Table

The new Delmare Collection was inspired by Locota’s DelMare Table which saw the fusion of unusual materials to create a beautiful monolithic table made from marble and acrylic glass.

DelMare Coffee Table

In his latest work, Delmare continues to work with a range of materials.

“Inspired by my love and my respect for nature, my purpose is to create vibrant functional artwork that can achieve harmony between a modern space and the natural space.” Said Locota.

The collection consists of nine pieces, including tables, chairs, and artwork, all of which have been heavily influenced by the concepts of land and sea.

One of the stand out pieces is the Crete table. This huge table is made from sculpted white marble and topped with 100 layers of acrylic glass which has been coloured to remember the Mediterranean sea.

Crete Table

As the light travels through the table the colour alternates. Locota has contrasted straight and fluid lines to resemble the moment the land meets the water. Due to the table’s size and the level of craftsmanship required to create it, each table takes three months to finish, there are only five pieces in existence.

Following on from the ocean theme, Locota’s chair entitled ‘wave lounge’ resembles a single wave on the point of breaking. To create the movement in the chair, Locota has hand sculpted using acrylic glass weighing over 200 kilograms.

Wave Lounge

All of the collection is a result of Locota’s hard work. He said: ““Handcrafted and sculpted from zero. A mix of Jesmonite, Marble and Acrylic glass are the stars of my artworks. It’s an incredibly labor-intensive process that I am personally taking for all of my works.”

View the full collection online.

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