Eddie Martinez to Launch New Exhibition: Cowboy Town

A depiction of America's current political situation.

Timothy Taylor is launching an exciting exhibition of paintings by American artist, Eddie martinez. The works capture a new wave of artistic response to the changing socio-polictical climate of the USA.

Image courtesy of Timothy Taylor 

The Brooklyn-born artist is recognised for the palpable energy of his works, which draw on the histories of painting yet are realised in an immediate, contemporary manner.

His canvases are loaded with coloured, quasi-abstract masses in varying densities connected against shifting lines, and are formed from oil paint, enamel, spray paint, screen printing and studio detritus. 

Image courtesy of Timothy Taylor 

The textures are strong but impulsive while the paintings full of energy and movement. One of Martinez's remarkable traits is his ability to intuit the general mood of the world around him and translate the sentiment very clearly into his paintings.

Image courtesy of Timothy Taylor 

In his latest exhibition, Cowboy Town, the paintings are raw, pared black and exposed. Backgrounds are solid, with imagery almost hovering on top. And while the palette is typical of Martinez's work with strong blues, yellows and reds, the underlying tone is 'sinister'. 

Image courtesy of Timothy Taylor 

'The title 'Cowboy Town', is definitely some sort of reaction to the current political state we're in, but I can't tell if the title reflects the painting or if the paintings reflect the title,' said Martinez.

The exhibiton opens 30 March to 6 May. Visit the gallery at Timothy Taylor, 15 Carlos Place, London W1K 2EX.

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