Driverless cars could be on roads within four years, Queen says

During the Queen's annual speech of announcing what the UK government will be focused on over the coming the 12 months, she spoke very futuristically from her famously thick paper which takes the ink three days to dry, that the country will focus on space tourism, autonomous cars and drones.

The Modern Transport Bill proposed by the government will aim to, 'put Britain at the forefront of the modern transport revolution' by hinting at the highly rumoured development of the country's first spaceport. Although the Queen didn't exactly confirm the construction of a spaceport, it is clear the government are looking into building one in the UK by 2020; with eight different locations being considered and currently picturesque Newquay, Cornwall being the top contender. As exciting as this seems for the future of modern transport in the UK, it will also have the capability of creating thousands of job opportunities in all sectors, with the government being optimistic to the make the impossible, possible, for space tourism companies such as Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic to one day allow tourists to visit the edge of space from the UK.

Another exciting announcement made by the Queen at this year's exceedingly technology-based speech was the announcement of driverless cars, which are already advanced and in the trial stages in the UK. It was announced that under new legislation the cars will be able to be insured under regular policies; the very fast growing industry is estimated to be worth around £900bn by 2025.

The rules of flying drones will be controlled for the first time under certain measures setting an exciting future for the UK and 'paving the way for commercial spaceflight and drone operations in the UK, boosting our world leading satellite industry', said the Queen. The transport department was keen to show how welcome the growing use of drones for private and commercial use will be, but also wanted to clear up the large concerns around their potentially dangerous misuse within aircraft territory.

Although these announcements aren't the Queen's personal ideas, but instead senior policy makers, these goals and future plans for autonomous vehicles and spaceport legislation's is exciting news for the UK.


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