Designers tackle the toilet

Dyno-Rod has asked students from London's Central Saint Martins college to design the toilet of the future

Baring some notable exceptions, most of the toilets we use tend to be rather simple and even old-fashioned. Bog-standard, you might say. Sure they do the job, but it's hard not to think that designers could do so much more with the humble loo.

That's the idea behind a new competition initiated by drain and plumbing specialist Dyno-Rod and aiming at finding the 'toilet of the future'.

To mark 50 years in the business, Dyno-Rod has asked students from Central Saint Martins to create a new design for the toilet of the future with each meeting one of three specific criteria:

1. A toilet that was environmentally sustainable, looking at elements such as water waste

2. A toilet that was more eco-friendly

3. A toilet that is better for our health and wellbeing.

Concept 1, the 'Energy Producing Toilet' (pictured above), addresses sustainability with a zero waste approach, aiding water conservation and reuse of waste whilst retaining the appearance of a conventional toilet.


Concept 2, is a 'Modular Construction' which demonstrates efficiency and optimum use of water supply by incorporating the toilet with the shower.


Concept 3 is a 'Wellbeing Toilet', which looks at the health and wellbeing aspect of getting rid of your bodily waste. The designer's words say it all "sculpted to enhance the position of your body.

The three shortlisted designs will now be judged by a panel of experts, including Red or Dead founder and owner of a multi-disciplinary design agency, Wayne Hemingway and senior Dyno-Rod engineer Cliff Huxley with the winning design being created and revealed on the 19 November.

Watch a video of the designers taking about the three concepts here:


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