Denmark architect starts construction of Shanghai Gateway

Copenhagen-based 3XN Architects has completed the design of the Yangpu University Gateway in Shanghai and started with the construction work.

3XN won the design competition for a gateway building in the Chinese version of Silicon Valley in 2004 and was commissioned to design Yangpu University Gateway.

The 30,000 square meter Yangpu University project is a mixed development where the planned mix of office space and university facilities is expected to create synergy between the corporate business world and the research environment.

These two buildings will form the gateway between the University Village and The Hub Science Park at the Yangpu University and will comprise of retail, restaurants and offices.

The two crystalline buildings are apparently alike, but display small distinctions at a closer look like snowflakes and mountain crystals. The prismatic volumes are cut back diagonally. They protrude to the south, while terracing backwards to the north. The resulting facets ensure multiple orientations in all directions. The interiors of the offices have central atria and roof gardens.

Expected to reach completion in 2010, significant architecture, challenging structure and a multi-functional concept including offices, retail, restaurants, leisure and underground parking are to unite in this building.

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