Deep Lumen – Reshaping Architecture

Deep Lumen is the first installation of its kind, designed by artist Marc Gumpinger and innovative entrepreneur Christof Babinsky.

Content supplied by DeepLumen

“It is our intention to empower public and private spaces with the use of LED screens in architecture, publicly as well as privately.  The LED wall is used to create an almost natural ambiance rather than to shout out advertising messages.”

The 3m x 6m self-supporting cube with an internal height of 2.5m is entirely designed from special glass on all walls and the floor.  Whilst three walls and the ceiling are reflective, the floor and one side wall are translucent screens for over 800,000 LED’s.  The LED’s are installed behind opaque glass, providing a natural screen rather than a LED wall insulation.


The reflective glass walls allow the artist to harness the reflection of illuminated surfaces in order to create an abstract and fascinating virtual environment.  The translucent mirror walls create a miraculous experience for the spectator inside the cube, sealed away from the cube’s surroundings.  However, passer-by’s can view the spectator, exploring and experiencing, inside the cube due to the properties of the glass used.

The algorithms responsible for providing the visual, moving content to the installation, designed by Gumpinger, create a digital world of illusions that, whilst being entirely digital, create an environment that acts and feels natural.  Non-organic media is used to provoke an emotional ambiance that almost feels organic and meets the demands of modern, moving design in a progressive working environmemt.


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