Curated Diary: Achim Borchardt-Hume

Director of exhibitions at Tate Modern, Achim Borchardt-Hume picks his top art and design events across the world for the new year


1 Philippe Parreno, Hypothesis
HangarBicocca, Milan
Until 14 February

Following extravaganzas at Palais de Tokyo and the armory, New York, this exhibition in the vast cavernous space of the former Pirelli factory is perhaps Parreno's most successful outing to date. A sophisticated choreography of film, sound, light and darkness amounts to a profound reflection on the passing of time, life, living and consciousness. Prepare to be utterly seduced!

2 Picasso Sculpture
Museum Of Modern Art, New York
Until 7 February and Picasso! Musée Picasso, Paris
Open since 20 October

Photo: The Museum of Modern Art / Photo: Pablo Enriquez Rossetti

MoMa's survey of Picasso's work in three dimensions is as rigorous and uncompromising as it is thrilling and beautiful, whereas the Musée Picasso's anniversary celebration, following its monumental opening hang, brings both the man and the artist back to life.;

3 Andrzej Wróblewski, Recto/Verso
Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid
Until 28 February

Andrzej Wróblewski
Photo: Joaquin Cortes/Roman Lores

Few things are more gratifying than to discover an artist you may never have heard of, yet whose quality and influence are beyond dispute. Talk to any Polish artist now and Wroblewski's name will come up before too long. Here is your chance to see for yourself, also at Madrid's Arco Art Fair (iFeMa, 24-28 February).

4 Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture
Tate Modern, London
Until 3 April

Performing Sculpture
Photo: Abraham Cruzvillegas / Photo: Andrew Dunkley / Tate 2015

Calder turned the conventions of sculpture upside down, replacing mass with lightness, volume with line and stillness with movement. Tightly edited to follow his journey, this exhibition will go some way to prove that while playful, Calder's work had some very serious repercussions for modern art.

5 Hyundai Commission 2015: Abraham Cruzvillegas: Empty Lot
Tate Modern, London
Until 3 April

Empty Lot
Photo: 2015 Calder Foundation, New York / DACS, London

Hope and a form of production that is not driven by economic gain are at the heart of Cruzvillegas' large-scale sculpture in Tate Modern's iconic Turbine Hall. Profoundly human and avoiding the trappings of spectacle despite its impressive scale, this is the moment where Empty lot should come fully into its own as a monument to undreamt possibilities.

6 and finally...
Making the most of the post-Christmas and new year slump. Rather than bore people with talking about diets and detox, or other similarly dreary topics of conversation, why not make the most of short days and bad weather and go to your local museum: visit old friends, make new ones, and rediscover the pleasure of the local, the low-key and permanent collections... not everything has to be an event.

main image: Andrea Rossetti

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