With many businesses looking to take health and well-being to the next level, Forbo Flooring Systems has developed a new carpet tile that helps contribute to the creation of a more relaxed and reflective working environment. Tessera Cloudscape is inspired by constantly changing cloud formations, to provide end users with a comfortable workspace, which encourages mindfulness and an opportunity to reconnect with nature.

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As a well-renowned manufacturer of carpet tiles, Forbo Flooring Systems is continually listening to the market to understand how businesses are functioning and to learn about the new ways of working, in order to produce products that are fit for the 21st century workspace. With mindfulness becoming a strong influence in workplace design, Forbo’s team looked to create a new carpet tile collection that helps bring a sense of nature and calm into the workspace.

“For a while now we had been looking for inspiration to counteract the effect of today’s crowded urban landscape, with its inherent lack of nature and genuine natural environments. It seemed obvious then why so many of us gaze out of our windows at the sky,” commented Jason Holmes, Head of Design Textiles at Forbo. “As such we became inspired by the constantly changing vista of cloud formations and the rich spectrum of light and colour and how it provides a bridge to the outside helping us to re-connect.”

Consequently, the soft and atmospheric patterns of Tessera Cloudscape reflect constantly changing cloud formations and have been developed to help contribute to the creation of a more relaxed and reflective environment.

Tessera Cloudscape’s softly textured look and feel is delivered by the clever use of a multi-height loop design that delivers calming aesthetics and provides comfort underfoot. The collection consists of 16 naturally inspired tonal colourways, which allow the creation of light, fresh and airy spaces.

Janet Lowe, Head of Marketing UK and Ireland, at Forbo Flooring Systems said: “With everyday life becoming increasingly busy, we often risk losing touch with nature – and our only connection is to the sky above us. When you look up to the sky it can be quite hypnotic, making you forget about your worries and be in the present moment. With this in mind, we designed Tessera Cloudscape with a view to bringing a sense of nature and calm into workspaces.”

From the very dark shades such as the moody Thunderbolt to the pale tones (with higher LRVs) like Light Airs, the colourways have been designed to provide specifiers with a sophisticated colour palette. Available in 50cm x 50cm tiles, which can be laid non-directional or monolithic, Tessera Cloudscape can also be installed alongside Forbo’s other popular carpet tile ranges, such as Tessera Layout, and Allura Flex Luxury Vinyl Tiles – meaning clients can easily create an integrated flooring scheme to cater for different demands within every work environment.

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