Hakwood: The Dutch company pioneering the textured wall movement

Family owned Dutch company Hakwood create hardwood tiles for horizontal and now vertical surfaces, meeting the demands of architects and designers worldwide and pioneering the textured wall movement

Words by Emily Martin

Family owned Dutch company Hakwood has nearly 40 years of expertise in manufacturing hardwood. It is renown for the design and manufacture of top-quality wood flooring products and, more recently, wall tiles. Today the company works closely with architects and designers worldwide, who incorporate its engineered products on both horizontal and vertical surfaces to meet the demands of industry design trends.

Making the move to include vertical wood tiles in its offer, Hakwood is one of the pioneers for the textured wall movement, a follow-on trend from a flatter ‘feature wall’, which are showcased in hotel reception backdrops, meeting rooms and retail feature displays, among others. Visually these textured walls are very striking, owing to the colours, patterns and textures that denote them, making them popular within high-end projects.

New designs to the Hakwood collection include Pure DuneNew designs to the Hakwood collection include Pure Dune

Launching its Wall Tile collection in 2017, with new designs added last summer, Hakwood’s tiles create many different decorative patterns, which designers use to integrate into their own projects. Timo van Riggelen did just this when opening his new canal-side showroom in the heart of Amsterdam, prominently displaying a wall of timber titles at the entrance.

‘I noticed that most clients are drawn to the tiles when they come in [and will] caress the material,’ says van Riggelen, ‘It’s wonderful to see a material eliciting a reaction like that.’ The wall features Hakwood’s Spectrum, Rubens and Bellini tiles tailored to 500mm x 500mm tile sizes. A metallic hue provides richness, while the wood grain maintains warmth to the space.

New designs to the Hakwood collection include Drift New designs to the Hakwood collection include Drift

‘The incredible number of choices in colours, patterns and shapes had an instant appeal,’ says van Riggelen. ‘The product also allows for very interesting combinations, such as with clean stone floors and rough wood walls.’

Simple wood finishes, pops of colour and varying thicknesses within a wood tile enable designers like van Riggelen to create an ‘uncomplicated’ bespoke design solution that fits their design intent.

New designs to the Hakwood collection include Mineral ReflectNew designs to the Hakwood collection include Mineral Reflect

Hakwood’s technical specialist Adriaan Hoogendoorn says: ‘Our designs are purposely uncomplicated. However, the proportions have to be right to make a simple design resonate. Through the choice of colour placement, many unique patterns emerge from a single tile design.’

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