Coffee by Design: New Artisan Cafe Combines Art and Science

London's most advanced cup of coffee.

A new modern coffee experience hits the streets of London. The New Black, located next to the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building on Philpot Lane, was conceived and founded by designer Phoa Kia Boon.

The outlet offers an exclusive collection of artisan coffees from the world’s most renowned coffee roasters in a highly-designed cafe providing customers with the most advanced cup of coffee.

Courtesy of New Black 

Everything encompassing the barista workstations, guest seating, graphics, packaging, cups and clothing has been designed to create an engaging, modern and premium experience. Materials such as steel, wood and granite lend the environment an understated yet refined ambience.

Forget the bulky espresso machines too, instead the cafe offers stainless steel benches house Modbar and Alpha Dominche brewing systems, the most advanced coffee-making technology in the world, where the main machinery is hidden out of sight. These systems, never before seen in the UK, provide the highest quality coffees and teas swiftly within minutes.

Courtesy of New Black 

Clifford Hiscock, Creative Director at The New Black, says: 'From the outset we aimed to reinvent the coffee experience in every way. Every aspect has been designed from the ground up to create a truly unique coffee experience, that breaks new ground and sets itself apart from the mainstream and independents - the curation and quality of the coffees, how they are crafted, served and explained, and the environment in which they are enjoyed.'

As well as creating a premium coffee experience, a ‘bean counter’ near the entrance doubles as an informal lean bar and self-discovery experience. Individual roasts are displayed with information, organised according to roaster and coffee brewing style giving customers an interactive experience like never before.

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