The best graduate work of 2014

Sinem Osman
Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication

This project stands out immediately for its exuberant model; on the surface it appears fun and dreamlike, but layered behind this wondrous facade is a serious investigation into organ donation and consumption.

Osman's proposal involves a mixed-use scheme that brings together stem-cell research, an indoor meat market and a restaurant experience for sampling traditional British offal dishes.

Sinem Osman, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, Architecture

The proposal has a great presence with a strong sense of play that successfully manages to combine historical and contemporary precedents, through a well presented and provocative set of drawings and model making. Kevin Haley

Andy Matthews
Royal College of Art

This project proposes a new food-distribution centre located on the outer edge of the Green Belt, between productive farmland and housing. Teetering on the postmodern, large crisp drawings depict Hollywood-esque billboards, cul-desacs, car parks, shopping malls and pig farms.

Andy Matthews, Royal College of Art, Architecture

A book of photographs accompanies the drawings, with views out to either side of the Green Belt as if asking: what is actually here? It poses timely questions, opening up this 'non-place' for critical rather than speculative action. Katherine Spence

Anna Nazo
Central Saint Martins
Communication Design

OK, concentrate: these are a 3D metaphorical representation of an extinct language when it was in full swing. It's the Roman alphabet for Latin at around AD 113.

Anna Nazo, Central Saint Martins, Communication Design

The classic Roman capitals (letters rather than column toppers) are misshapen by how they sounded at the time -- data from recordings of an ancient language expert pronouncing the letters was applied to distort the letter shapes. 'A powder was used as a material for 3D prints, to recreate the letters, metaphorically, building them layer by layer as if from the dust of the past,' adds Nazo. JT

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