Can you guess the classic novels from these photographs?

Italian photographer Paolo Gotti's latest exhibition is a series inspired by the iconic settings of famous novels - how many can you guess?

By Jamie Mitchell

Reading great literature can make you feel like you've travelled to faraway places and other times, the scenes described often becoming as vivid in our minds as our own childhood memories.

Sometimes a great book leaves you with a single defining image that sums up its story - be it the lonely desolate road in the title of Cormac McCarthy's novel or the farmhouse set in rugged moorland of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights.

These and other iconic settings from great literature have inspired Italian photographer Paolo Gotti's latest series of photographs, entitled Stories: a Journey from Photography to Literature.

The series, which depicts novels both classic and contemporary - from writers including Jack Kerouac, Leo Tolstoy and Daniel Defoe -go on show at the Teatro Duse's Foyer, Bologna, Columbia from 16 December 2014-19 February 2015.

So, we've given you some clues in this intro, and there's more below each image. See how many you can guess - answers at the bottom.

All photos © Paolo Gotti


Paolo Gotti

Can you guess the eponymous title character of this Russian tale of forbidden love?


Paolo Gotti's

A historical murder mystery set in an Italian monastery... but what's the name?


Paolo Gotti's

Don't let this generation-defining novel beat you...


Paolo Gotti's

Buccaneers and buried gold make up this tale by a Scottish author.


Paolo Gotti's

This classic Victorian gothic novel was originally published under the pseudonym Ellis Bell - and later inspired an Eighties pop song.


Paolo Gotti

Two characters tread a lonely road in this modern dystopian tale by...?


Paolo Gotti

(above and below): a multi-generational story by Columbia's most famous novelist who sadly died this year.

Paolo Gotti


Paolo Gotti

The writer of this Booker Prize-winning novel set in post-apartheid South Africa is known for his unsparing portrayal of human inadequacy - not least his own - but who is he, and which book is this?


Paolo Gotti

A man named after a day of the week features in this classic story. Scroll down for answers...


The Answers:

1 - Anna Karenina (1877) by Leo Tolstoy

2 - The name of the Rose (1980) by Umberto Eco

3 - On the Road (1957) Jack Kerouac

4 - Treasure Island (1883) Robert Louis Stevenson

5 - Wuthering Heights (1847) by Emily Brontë

6 - The Road (2006) by Cormac McCarthy

7 - Hundred Years of Solitude (1967) by Gabriel García Márquez

8 - Disgrace (1999) by JM Coetzee

9 - Robinson Crusoe (1719) by Daniel Defoe


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