Brintons x FX Competition winners

The winners of the competition, set by Brintons and FX last year to design a carpet based around the theme ‘ritual’, are announced.

We are pleased to announce the winners of a carpet design competition set by Brintons and FX last year to design a carpet based around the theme ‘ritual’.

As the brief explained: 'The word ‘ritual’ can represent different meanings to different people. Culture, history, spirituality and traditions are often connected to the idea of a ritual. It could be a simple everyday ritual, a sequence of words, gestures, a recurring behaviour, or a treasured object. Through pattern and colour, can you represent and bring to life your own interpretation and relationship with the word ‘ritual’?

Entrants were required:

  • To design a commercial carpet for Brintons to manufacture for the hospitality market
  • Ideas can be hand-drawn or submitted in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Optional: A mood board of the competition entrant’s ideas or a brief summary of the concept
  • Select one of the following options to develop:
    • Option 1 - Repeating pattern
    • Option 2 - Non-repeating pattern
    • Option 3 - Area rug measuring 3x4m
  • Use a maximum of 12 colours

The Winners

Lina Osman

'Nature reconnected'

This design is inspired by Moroccan culture – the historic architecture and mosques as well as their Islamic art. I became instantly fixated on the intricate handmade scriptures that are engraved on the walls of the mosques in Morocco and how they are dispersed all around her cities, where they can be found on almost every corner.

Their daily ritual of prayer and the interior architecture within the mosques was such an inspiration and gave me an insight into their daily Islamic rituals within these beautiful buildings. Focusing on the wall tiling, I have translated aspects of some of the features using the vibrant colours found in their markets of spices, such as warm ochre mustards, the use of turquoise, and the tones in between, to create a harmonious and sophisticated colour combination.

I have ended up with this repeat carpet design that I believe reflects my ideas as well, as it is quite a vibrant and contemporary colour scheme that pushes the boundaries of the timeless muted tones that we are familiar within the carpet industry.

The Judges said
‘Lina used an extremely sophisticated colour palette for her design. The colours are vibrant and contemporary and connected Lina’s inspiration of Moroccan culture into her carpet design perfectly.’

David Meredith

‘Bohemian Botanical’

After researching rituals and their definition it came to my attention that they are largely based around birth, life and death, so I have represented these three stages with images like skulls, flowers and rings and also added some imagery of things like hands and eyes representing more ancient rituals.

I believe the skull and jungle foliage give the design a very on-trend boho feel. This, and the idea to do a multiple texture idea from the mood board, would set it apart from anything else on the market.

The Judges said
‘David’s design has a slight pop art feel to it and we loved the originality. His interpretation of the brief was really good and the mood board he created related extremely well to the final design.’


(L500 and a woven sample of the design)
Amy Madeleine Green

‘Roccoco pomegranates’

Pomegranates have appeared in ritual and mythology for thousands of years. They symbolise good luck, spring, rebirth, marriage and love. In Greek legend, Persephone eats pomegranate seeds to seal a bargain for her release from the underworld.

She is free to walk the earth for a few months a year with the promise that she will return to Hades for the remainder of the year. In parts of Greece pomegranates are kept in the home over the Christmas period as a good-luck charm and smashed at new year – the more seeds that spill out of the fruit the more prosperous your year will be. It is also a ritual for newly married couples to throw a pomegranate through the doorway of the home to bring fertility and luck to the union. I wanted my carpet design to work in both a domestic and public setting.

I looked at several decorative styles, from the baroque and art nouveau to modern maximalism, and I have wanted to create a pattern that has both a classic and contemporary feel. I have chosen a rich, warm colour palette. I would love to see my design put into production. It is amazing how often you can see a story mapped in the symbolism of a carpet design if you take the time to look.

The Judges Said
‘Amy’s design was chosen as the winner because her mood board and interpretation of the word ‘ritual’ translated really well into the final design. It’s a really accomplished carpet design – it’s classic with a contemporary feel. The pomegranates and patterns have a beautiful composition and flow throughout, making it perfect for a carpet design.’

Judges – Brintons’ Designers

Jane Bradley-Bain
‘I’m a senior creative designer and have worked at Brintons for 34 years. Most of this time has been spent developing innovative products for the residential and commercial stock products while heading up a team of seven designers. For the past 15 years I have concentrated on designing for the commercial sector, working directly with interior designers and architects within the industry.’

Jay Ralley-Jones
‘I am a senior creative designer working on exiting and prestigious commercial projects for the European hospitality markets. I have a passion for colour and design, and together with a creative and flexible approach to designing carpets this allows me to add a creative statement to the floor that complements the whole interior theme when answering the client’s brief.’

Kay Jones
‘I am a creative designer who has been designing carpets at Brintons for over four years. Prior to working at Brintons, I won an award from the company for a collection of my work in my final degree show, so it is wonderful to now be judging work and giving awards.’

Comments from the Judges

‘We had a fantastic response to our competition and the level of designs submitted to the ‘ritual’ brief was extremely high, which made our job to judge the winners very tough. It’s great to see that there is so much talent and creativity and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter the competition.’

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