Blueprint Awards 2015: The winners

Best Design Innovation Project or Product

Winner: Dean Skira for iGuzzini, Recanati, Italy
Trick light

Dean Skira for iGuzzini, Recanati, Italy

'A lighting device that works as a light source as well as a graphic detailing is the kind of product that allows designers to work with it not as a final product, but as a material - an absolute gift!' Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo

Trick is a highly adaptive light with a minimal design that can modulate light effects to turn surfaces into vast canvasses. It has a dual character, offering either light blade or surface skimming effects and radial or washer versions. When used to illuminate architecture, for example, the luminaire animates compositions with light beams that run parellel or cross over to highlight new planes. The radial or washer effect versions decorate vertical and horizontal surfaces with atmospheric and carefully monitored lighting effects.

Says Dean Skira: 'Trick is not designed to create general light or meet the specific mathematical requirements of illuminating space. It's a fun device for people to play with. That's the idea behind its design.' Trick comes in four different sizes, and although its pointed geometric shape looks simple, every tiny detail has been painstakingly designed. A light blade forms geometric textures, radial light enhances surface materials and emphasises details, while washer effects highlight architectural elements.

The secret behind Trick's construction is the combination of a toroidal convex flat lens with a microprismed surface and an internally screened cover that aims the beam of light correctly and avoids any unwanted dispersion. A tiny, discreet device that emits a large quantity of light, Trick is ideal for installing luminaires in hidden locations such as niches, openings and doorways.

Highly Commended

Martin Ashley Architects, London, UK and City and Guilds of London Art School, UK
St George's Chapel New Grotesques, Windsor, UK



Jason Bruges Studio, London, UK
Digital Double, London, UK


Image: Amy Parton

Leong Leong, New York, US
City View Garage, Miami, US


Terence Woodgate, London, UK
Solid lights


Zaha Hadid for Slamp, Rome, Italy
Aria Transparent light



Buster + Punch, London, UK
Buster Bulb

Paul Crofts Studio for Isomi, London, UK
Fold desk

Rodney Kinsman for OMK Design, London, UK
FLITE Seating System

Tangerine, London, UK

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