Blueprint Awards 2015: The winners

Best Project by a Small Practice

Winner: Department of Architecture co., ltd, Bangkok, Thailand
The Flow, Saen Suk, Thailand

Department of Architecture co., ltd, Bangkok, Thailand 

'We enjoyed the way in which this pavilion is a place to look into and a space to look out from.' Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo

The Flow by Department of Architecture co., ltd is a multipurpose pavilion for the community that sits on the waterfront of Saen Suk in the Chonburi Province of Thailand. The floor plate of the pavilion is folded like a piece of paper, forming different spatial configurations for various activities, all orientated towards the sea. People can sit on different tiers without blocking the people behind, with possible uses ranging from a small amphitheatre for miniconcerts and performances to a space for local meetings. Parts of the floor are almost as if they were cut and lifted up to become seating and tables, which can be used for small talks, gatherings and picnics.

The pavilion was inspired by the form of a tree and the shading it naturally provides. The roof, with its various layers and fins, protects the small, exposed building from the tropical Thai sun. The upper layer for example creates shade, while the lower layer reduces heat transmission through the roof. Instead of one continuous roof plane, small fins allow rising hot air to escape the pavilion easily through gaps, while also allowing glimpses of sunlight to diffuse through.


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