Biophilic design and architecture - 10 of the best biophilic buildings

The Scarlet Hotel:
Location: Cornwall, UK
Architect/designer: Harrison Sutton Partnership (architecture); Max Bentheim (interior design).

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The breathtaking cliffside location of this 'eco' hotel in Cornwall is one of the major features of its biophilic design. But there are many others. Large windows and glazed doors dissolve the division between indoor and outdoor spaces and give guests views of an natural outdoor reed pool, as well as the rugged beach and the sea beyond it. There is also a sheltered cloister garden accessible by many guest rooms - allowing views onto more delicate forms of fauna and landscaping.


Abundant natural light has been proven to help regulate people's circadian rhythms, while the strong presence of water in and around the hotel maintains a connection to the natural world. There is also an indoor pool with views of the sea and an outdoor hot-tub.


There is evidence that exposure to nature is even more beneficial when a combination of senses are stimulated at the same time. At the Scarlet, this multiple-sensory stimulation can be experienced through the interior design scheme, where materials such as stone and wood, as well as textures and patterns, are used to give guests a truly immersive experience - the perfect antidote to life in the city.


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