Balloon Zoo

Los Angeles-born artist Sarah DeRemer has digitally manipulated dozens of balloon animals for her latest collection: Balloon Zoo

Fusing the art of digital manipulation with the childhood phenomenon of balloon animals, artist Sarah DeRemer has produced a unique digital series.

Adding life-like characteristics to each animal such as fur, skin, and eyes, DeRemer has projected what would normally the imagination onto a balloon-shaped canvas.

DeRemer discusses her inspiration behind the balloon series:

'I really enjoy manipulating pictures to create realistic looking scenes and images that viewers can relate to.

'I saw a child with a balloon animal, and simply wondered if I could push the simple balloons to the next level and make them more personal for the viewer using real animal images.'

Since the age of 14 DeRemer worked as a veterinary technician, however art was her true passion. Working in animal hospitals throughout her education, DeRemer graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a bachelor of studio art in 2011, before moving to Seoul, Korea, in 2012 to teach English. Here she continued photography and began pursuing the world of digital art.

'I started exploring digital art once I moved abroad and found my true passion in digital photo-manipulation.'

DeRemer is currently living in Korea but will be returning to Los Angeles early 2016 to find work in the art industry.

Discover DeRemer's exquisite works with the following images.















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