Back to the Future at KBB Birmingham

Nina Bailey, UK Design Manager at Formica Group, delivers the ‘Future Vision’ forecast next week at KBB Birmingham.

Presenting innovative and insightful designs that can help businesses grow, KBB Birmingham takes place between the 4th and 7th of March at NEC Birmingham. Gathering an international range of bedroom, bathroom and kitchen brands under one roof, the event will give visitors the opportunity to network, view exhibitions and listen to speakers discuss a multitude of topics.

One such topic is “How to… predict future materials and colour trends” which will be presented and discussed by Nina Bailey, the UK Design Manager at Formica Group. She will be delivering the ‘Future Vision’ forecast as part of the talk; ‘Future Vision’ is a trend and colour forecast that anticipates the design needs of architects, designers and end users.

Developed by the design team from Formica Group, Homapal and Laminex Group, Future Vision report is the second in an ongoing series. It explores the design industry topics for 2018/19, making sure to consider the influence of emerging technological, societal and cultural trends.

Formica Infiniti® Worktops DiamondBlack

Providing insight into elements that will influence the development of surfacing material, sustainable architecture and design for the year ahead, the Future Vision (Volume II) report has identified three themes: Engineering Design, No Boundaries and Fluidity.

The first, Engineering Design, celebrates the return of experts and skilled makers of design. In this quickly changing age, the report looks at how to stay informed -and ahead of the curve  - by using structured, rational design solutions that build upon a knowledge base. As part of the talk, Nina will also look at some of the designers already working within this theme.

The second theme, No Boundaries, takes its inspiration from reconnecting design with the natural environment. The theme, Formica Group mention, “is about breaking free of our modern shackles in the quest for new adventures, unique experiences and a return to a natural connection with the organic world”.

Finally, Fluidity envisions what we can expect for future design, responding to our increasingly digitalised landscape. Formica Group’s report has noticed that people have grown tired of one-dimensional experiences; instead they are replacing them with design that pays greater consideration to sensorial fulfilment.

Formica Infiniti® Worktops Neo Tornado

By looking into the ways that design will be driven by experience, the Formica Group talk and report should give an insight into the future of the industry. By considering technological advances, the attention to the physical detail of design, and the influence that environmental factors, Nina Bailey’s talk should make understanding the design trends for 2018 much more simple.

Nina Bailey, UK Design Manager at Formica Group, will be presenting the talk on the trend and colour forecast at UKFdtd at 12:40-13:10 on Tuesday 6th March.


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