Aquarium Architecture designs world’s largest privately-owned jellyfish tank for UK restaurant

Aquarium Architecture, the UK-based suppliers of bespoke installation aquariums, has completed finishing touches to 4,000 litre jellyfish tank holding 150 moon jellyfish from Thailand, for Chaobaby restaurant in Trafford Centre, Manchester, UK.

The giant saltwater aquarium, touted as the world’s largest privately-owned jellyfish tank, is kept below room temperature at 17 degrees Celsius. This temperature has been achieved by two powerful chillers that replicate the temperature waters of the ocean.

The tank has been hand-pressed in the US and flown by air to the UK. Measuring 3.5 metres long and 1.5 metres high, the huge 40mm thick acrylic display is placed in the front of the restaurant.

Aquarium Architecture worked with designers JMDA Ltd, who was responsible for the interior of the restaurant, to tie the unique structure to the wider space. Key features include bespoke lighting that changes colour in tune with the rest of the dining room throughout the day. The entire project took just four months from start to completion.

Aquarium Architecture specialises in the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of custom made aquariums.

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