Amazing A' Social Design Award Designs

The A’Design Awards are back and seeking submissions. As the world’s leading international juried competition for design, the awards are regarded as one of the highest accolades in the creative industry. Split into a variety of categories, the awards aim to highlight the best in design across all disciplines including product design, interior, exterior and architecture.

Entries are judged anonymously by an impressive panel of experienced academics, prominent press members and established professionals. Winners will receive the coveted ‘A’ Design Prize’ which includes huge amounts of publicity and credibility, alongside international press coverage, exhibitions and an invite to the glitzy and exclusive gala-night in Italy.

Wireframe by Ben Koros

Every year entrants can choose the category that is the best fit for their design these include: Industrial Design Award, Architecture Design Award, Product Design Award, Communication Design Award, Service Design Award, Fashion Design Award and many more.

The A’Design Awards has a particular focus on innovation. Entrants are encouraged to think outside the box in order to improve society by pushing the frontiers of science, design, creativity and technology.

Oversafe by Giorgio Gaudio

One category that goes above and beyond these requirements is the A' Social Design Award. This category is a freestyle design competition that welcomes conceptual work as well as realised projects. To qualify for this category, designs must have the intention of improving the world, the competition welcomes Eco-Sustainable Designs, Design for Environment, Design for Sustainability, Social Designs and More. Designs will be judged on what they will bring to society.

Here at DesignCurial we find this concept fascinating so we thought we would provide you with some design inspo by having a peek at some of last year’s winners of the A' Social Design Award.

X Alarm by Ladan Zadfar & Mohammad Farshad

Designed to put smokers off cigarettes, the design looks like a normal cigarette filter, but once the smoker takes a few puffs it shows an image referring to the negative impact of smoking. Each filter image is different so the smoker does not get used to it.

Toybox by James Self

This clever toy design has been developed to provide impoverished children with something to play with. It’s a completely cardboard toy box and has the ability to reuse existing packaging as a construction toy.

Beyond by Carlos Alberto Vasquez

This design acts as an alternative to the dark glasses made for the blind. The concept behind the design is to stop the sighted from feeling sorry for partially sighted individuals. The glasses are made to symbolise strength so sighted people see the person and not the disability when speaking to partially sighted or blind people.

Light Mosque by Nikolaos Karintzaidis

This prayer hall is made of light steel and fabric. The natural light and the fabric create interior spaces with filtered light - an effect often used in Islamic architecture.

Donation Point Tap by Simon Kooymans

This affordable contactless payment device allows individuals to give to charity with a single tap. 

Ultradry by Chiao-Chun Ni

It is a dryer inside a bus stop. On a rainy day, people can it to dry their umbrellas before they get on the bus. We think this will really take off in Britain.

This steriliser kit converts gas cylinders into autoclaves to sterilise medical and baby equipment. It only requires water and heat and can be used in impoverished countries.

The final results of the winners will be announced to Public on April 15, 2018.

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