Airport Architecture 2018: the best airports in the world

Dreaming of flying? You might be, after having a look at the best airport architecture in the world...

Whether it's welcoming home family and friends, or tearful goodbyes as a loved one jets off into the sunset, airports have increasingly become places that celebrate travel and allow us to explore the wider world. However, just because they are stopping points for our next adventures, that doesn't mean that airports shouldn't be interesting, innovative works of design in themselves.

As the late novelist JG Ballard described, airports act as "gateways to the infinite possibilities that only the sky can offer". With such a large, flat expanse of ground needed, as well as favourable wind conditions and good visibility, airports present a unique challenge for architects, engineers and developers who create them - bt they are also among some of our most amazing buildings.

Proving that airports don't need to be bland spaces where we wait in queues to take off our shoes before security, DesignCurial have chosen some of the best airports in the world that feature amazing architecture and design - whether they're looked at from the ground or up in the sky.

From Madrid to Denver, featuring bold colours, traditional motifs and even a manta ray, here's our pick of the best airport architecture for 2018. 

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