A ‘new look' for Domain: contemporary furniture & lighting trade supply, estalished 1982

Domain has a refreshed website featuring both an extensive ‘product’ search, powered by Architonic, and a ‘brand’ library containing latest catalogues from each collection available from Domain.

This is a ‘living’ resource for interior architects and designers alike.  The team is ready on hand to answer individual product & price enquiries on request. 

Identifying with the top high-end brands (i.e. B&B Italia, Maxalto) and with smaller artisan manufacturers.  Domain is well connected to assist with all budgetary requirements. 

With over 70 collections, Domain supplies to home, office & commercial projects, both indoor and outdoor.  There are collections to appeal to minimalist, lavish and ecological scemes. 

Rimadesio, where glass (a pure and ecological material) plays the most important part in the collection.  Renowned for producing systems for sub-dividing environments and for the architectural definition of internal spaces. Doors, sliding panels, shelving units, walk-in wardrobes and a collection of complementary furniture: an offer which is constantly increasing in size and which is forever evolving its style.

Riva 1920, from 1989 onwards, a single, unswerving principle has guided the collection: produce furniture conceived by great designers, using only solid wood from sustainable forests and natural finishes to create a natural home suffused with the scents of wood, oils and wax.

Lapalma, for thirty years, the collection has combined metal with wood, leather and fabrics to create timeless pieces of furniture with clean fluid lines.  Following investments in machinery, Lapalma took advantage of the availability of new materials to develop a wide range of products for the contract market.  Today, it has brought in new fabrics, padding, leathers, and colour palettes to develop product lines which now cross over into the home, outdoor and home office.

Zeitraum, ‘IDENTIFY THE ESSENTIAL’, this motto represents the passion Zeitraum applies knowledge and craftsmanship to dealing with wood as a cultural resource.  Zeitraum has a beautiful array of colour stains for wood. A sophisticated staining technique ensures a semitransparent look and leaves the natural structure and depth of the wood visible. This is a collection for both the home and contract markets.  

Manutti is a designer and manufacturer of elegant and exclusive outdoor furniture with a "Made in Belgium" design. Manutti not only specialises in furniture, tables and accessories, but is also a pioneer in the field of modular sofas, designed as haute couture pieces with special attention to the finish and fine stitching in matching colours.

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