A’ Design Awards 2020 Call for Entries Continues

The international A’ Design Awards - one of the most world’s most inclusive design competitions – is continuing its call for entries for the 2020 competition

Attracting work from architects, designers and artists around the world, the A’ Design Award & Competition brings together individuals who are at the height of their industries, highlighting the best examples of design from across the globe.

Aestus Vase by Oliver David Krieg

 Established to promote the world’s best designs, the aim of the A’ Design Award & Competition is to create a global awareness and appreciation for good design practices and principles. Another objective of the Awards is to push designers, companies and institutions worldwide to come up with superior products and projects that will positively advance society.

Cecilip Facade by Dante Luna G

The Awards presents applicants an exclusive opportunity to gain recognition within their industry, including offering chosen winners contact with some of the biggest names in design. A’ Design Award-winners receive huge amounts of publicity and recognition, as well as international press coverage and exhibitions of their work.

Iperbolica by Alessandro Ciffo

Entries to the competition are blind-reviewed by expert panel, including a variety of experienced academics, press members and knowledgeable professionals. To nominate your design for the competition, click here.

Koron Sofa by Reza Salianeh and Hamid Packseresht

All projects that win an A’ Design Award will be displayed at a winners' exhibition; this is launched by a black-tie Gala event. Other prizes include an exclusive PR campaign, a design excellence certificate, and inclusion in the annual yearbook publication. To view the complete list of prizes available to A' Design Award winners, click here.

Nascimento Chapel by Miguel Pinto Guimaraes

Categories for the A’ Design Award & Competition 2020 including: Architecture Design Award, Communication Design Award, Service Design Award, Industrial Design Award, Product Design Award, Fashion Design Award and many more.

Shell Sofa by Natalia Komarova

The project submission deadline is February 28th, and the final results of the competition will be announced to the public on April 15th. If you are interested in registering your design for the A' Design Awards, click here. To find out more about the competition, including viewing the list of previous winners, click here.

The Cube Private House by Ahmed Habib - Lines

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