7 of the most beautiful hotel lobbies in the United States

Endlessly Vaulted Ceilings: Crowne Plaza HY36

Location: Manhattan, New York
Architect: Stonehill Taylor
Chandelier Design: K&Co

No matter how much they explore the city that never sleeps, guests staying at the Crowne Plaza HY36 will be unlikely to forget where their hotel is, thanks to its central location in the heart of Manhattan. Guests are also unlikely to forget what the Crowne Plaza HY36 looks like, due to its remarkable glass-fronted façade and the awe-inspiring, light-filled lobby directly behind the glass.

Encouraging guests to look up, the modern hotel boasts an eight-story atrium that seems to open up endlessly. Interior designer K&Co were brought in to design the lobby, and - compelled to fill the volume of the space – the team dramatised the sheer height of the atrium, taking inspiration from Andy Warhol’s “Silver Clouds” to create its five 60-foot custom designed chandeliers, which guests and passersby alike can now enjoy.

Crowne Plaza Midtown Manhattan

National Treasures: Hilton Anatole

Location: Dallas, Texas
Kinetic sculpture design: Reuben Margolin

Minutes from some of Dallas’ best restaurants, museums and art galleries, the Hilton Anatole is also best placed to enjoy the city’s design district. Although this is all a stone’s throw away, guests staying at the hotel don’t actually need to leave the Hilton Anatole to enjoy an art exhibition – the hotel itself has a renowned art collection of more than 1,000 pieces.

The collection is one of the United States’ largest hotel art collections, and many of the pieces can be found in the Hilton Anatole’s sophisticated lobby. As guests enter the space, they will come across a range of artwork and pieces of history, including two segments of the Berlin wall, and a pair of Fu Lions dating back to 16th century China, during the Ming Dynasty. If that’s not enough, overhead in the hotel’s magnificent atrium is Nebula, a 10,000-pound kinetic sculpture that slowly rises and falls in a complex choreography. 

Hilton Anatole

Beachside Splendor: W South Beach

Location: Miami, Florida
Architects: Costas Kondylis in collaboration with NBWW & Associates

A footstep away from the Atlantic Ocean, W South Beach is the iconic luxury hotel situated at the heart of Miami’s South Beach. The cosmopolitan hotel boasts spectacular ocean views, and every one of its suites features a balcony – thanks to the hotel’s striking angled exterior façade, which was design by Costas Kondylis in collaboration with NBWW & Associates.

In addition to the modern exterior, the hotel also blends various high-design elements throughout the hotel such as whimsical mid-century modern décor in the Grove’s outdoor oasis, and high-contrast colour schemes along the WET Deck. Inside, a multimillion dollar art collection with works by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Julian Schnabel greet guests at every corner, including in the hotel’s striking lobby.

W South Beach

Retro meets Modern: Fairlane Hotel

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Architect: Manuel Zeitlin Architects, Design Team: Reunion Goods & Services

Having only opened this year, the Fairlane Hotel is the one of the newest hotels on our list. A chic 81-room boutique hotel in the centre of Nashville, the Fairlane emulates the style and personality of the 1960s and 70s, while maintaining Southern charm through its modernist architect and midcentury design concept.

The hotel was designed by locally based Oliver Hospitality, who worked with Manuel Zeitlin Architects and Reunion Goods & Services to develop an architectural and interior design concept that honoured the building’s former life as the Nashville headquarters of a (now-defunct) bank. Terrazzo flooring, original wood paneling, brass elements, open floor plans, and a green, brown and crème colour palette are timelessly presented with a modern take on the 1960s style, which is clear from the moment guests step into the stunning, retro lobby.


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