3 tips for designing rooms with statement pieces

Adding statement pieces to a room can be tricky to get right. Richard Eaton, Design Director at Poole Pottery, shares his tips for making it work.

Statement pieces are a must when it comes to elevating your interior design; the right piece can anchor the room, draw the eye, and make an immediate impression on visitors and guests. Some say that the best timeless pieces to invest in include unique artwork and good lighting, but a statement piece can be anything, as long as it’s bold – including handmade ceramics, colourful objects, and pieces made from natural materials.

Poole Pottery is all about colour; originally founded in 1873, the distinct Poole designs are what make the artwork so exceptional. Influenced by art and design movements, each piece is hand painted and therefore unique, combining traditional skills with contemporary design.

To discover ways to add flair to home interiors and ensure that statement pieces make the most impact, we spoke to Poole Pottery’s design director, Richard Eaton, who gave three tips to bear in mind when choosing a statement piece:

Be smart when choosing colours

You want your statement piece to stand out, so it makes sense to go for a different colour or patten than the rest of your décor to prevent it from blending in. However, you should be careful about your statement piece clashing with the other elements in the room, so try to choose artwork in complementary tones to your walls, floors, and furniture.

In general, it’s best to stick to colours that are opposites on the colour wheel — for example, an aqua ornament will work well with burnt orange wallpaper. You could also use the temperature of the colours in the room to make your decision; a cool room with lots of blue and brilliant whites will suit silver pieces, while warm rooms with lots of red tones and natural wood tend to suit yellow or gold more.

Location is everything

Your statement piece should be immediately visible when you enter a room to ensure it’s making a strong first impression. When picking the perfect spot, it can help to leave and then re-enter the room and consciously take note of what it is you notice first: a gap on a windowsill for a vase or dish, for example. You should then repeat this until your statement piece is the first thing grabbing your attention when you enter the room.

Invest in quality

High street stores are packed with ornaments and decorations, but rather than reaching for something mass-produced that may not be the best quality, it’s important to think about what’s important to you. Items that are unique, made from quality materials, or are handmade may cost more, but they have inimitable qualities that make them ideal as statement pieces.

Plus, if you choose to buy something with character, it can be a great talking point when showing guests around your home. Remember that statement pieces don’t necessarily have to be large and overwhelming either. You’ll achieve a much more impactful effect with a small yet vibrant piece in a striking colour than a large, washed out item.

Focus on colour, location, and the quality of the item, and you’ll be sure to get it right.

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