• Goal kick

    Pamela Buxton takes a look at new sports stadia that, while often instigated for football and its fans, have choices, of bars, restaurants, lounges and alternative sports facilities, and use cutting-edge design to offer so much more

  • Blueprint innovation: Engineers + Architects

    Innovative design and computational technologies have helped to generate a far more collaborative and mutually enriching way of working between architects and engineers. Zaha Hadid director Patrik Schumacher and BuroHappold’s Wolf Mangelsdorf invite us in on a conversation charting this evolutionary trajectory

  • Patrick Schumacher: Zaha’s incredible moves

    Patrik Schumacher, a director of Zaha Hadid Architects, reflects on the startling curves and audacious moves that made Zaha Hadid’s work so compelling and daringly new to the profession