• Artist collective stands its ground in up-and-coming Vauxhall

    Veronica Simpson is in London this month looking at Gasworks, a courageous group that has won out against rapacious developers.

  • State of the arts: How to get a free creative education

    Who can afford a UK arts education? As our art, design and architecture courses have become entirely bankrolled by fat fees from European and international students, resourceful educators are trying to find ways to ensure access, diversity and creativity are maintained. But it’s an uphill struggle.

  • Well-being in the workspace

    The latest FX Design Seminar, where experts are invited to discuss the new trend for designing for fitness and well-being in the office.

  • Can art change people’s perspectives?

    Veronica Simpson is in Bristol, European Green Capital 2015, looking at how arts events are first and foremost involving the city’s communities.

  • Geekosphere goes public

    Experimental and digital making are being brought into the public realm by the Crafts Council in collaboration with galleries in Liverpool and Norwich, Veronica Simpson reports.

  • Building a new future: Schools for the community

    While funding for new state schools has all but stopped, projects have emerged that show great creativity in planning and design.

  • Joined up thinking

    The latest FX design seminar has designers and architects join Intel to debate the role of technology in the workplace.

  • Oiling the wheels: Co-design the way forward

    Veronica Simpson looks at co-design projects that through cooperation and collaboration, pay dividends for all concerned.

  • Light Collective epitomises a collaborative practice

    Veronica Simpson takes a look at the work of lighting design practice Light Collective, with its radical agenda on illumination.

  • Summer spaces: Open-air pavilions, floating cinemas and more

    Open-air pavilions and habitable sculptures are popping up everywhere, at festivals, in parks and in motorway underpasses. We talk to the architects and designers who are seizing the opportunities these temporary projects offer for creativity and playfulness.