• Public sector design - the finishing touches that make the difference

    In public sector buildings, finishing touches of lighting, flooring and art are essential for the space to function

  • Prison Design: secure and humane

    We look at prison design around the world and how architects must balance the need for both security and humanity

  • Public works: landmark museum buildings

    Architects are creating new museum buildings that are not only a place to display artefacts, but are landmarks too

  • Flooring with Form and Function

    Flooring can have a vital role to play in managing how people use a space, by both assisting them to find their way around and helping to define the functions of different areas within a building. Kay Hill takes a closer look at flooring designs that are useful as well as beautiful

  • Flooring design for dementia

    Good flooring design can make life easier for people living with dementia, by reducing anxiety and limiting the risk of slips and trips, discovers Kay Hill

  • When less is definitely more

    There’s nothing quite like the purity and simplicity of a plain white backdrop. Kay Hill picks out some projects where less is definitely more when it comes to the floor

  • Turning the floor into a canvas

    In many commercial environments floors tend to be utilitarian and functional, but occasionally designers choose instead to use the space as a giant canvas. Kay Hill discovers projects where the floors get top billing

  • Hallowed Ground: the design of sacred spaces

    Centres of worship hold a special place in people’s hearts, and working on a sacred space is always going to hold special challenges for the architect. Kay Hill looks at new religious buildings taking shape and talks to those who work on them

  • Focus: Schools

    A primary school has expanded upwards to provide more pupil places, while putting fresh air and nature first

  • Focus: Hospitals

    Healthcare environments that promote calm and well-being for patients and staff are just what the doctor ordered...