• Focus: Exhibition Lighting

    An annotated guide to lighting an exhibition space, using the recent Emma Hamilton exhibition at Greenwich

  • Focus: Project, Madonna della Misericordia

    The lighting of the Madonna della Misericordia masterpiece was designed to create a revelation

  • The use of programmable lighting systems with Alexander Stileman

    Alexander Stileman of Stileman Lighting Designs looks at two projects – a gym and skin treatment clinic that has programmable lighting systems

  • Lighting as a Service

    As lighting becomes more complex, one answer may be to make its supply and maintenance the supplier’s problem, not the specifier’s, says Francis Pearce

  • Let in the light

    Protecting their art treasures from harmful daylight has always been a major concern for galleries and museums, which often resorted to simply blocking it out. Thankfully, the approach is a lot more subtle these days.

  • Flawless finish

    It started with resolving a beauty problem at Selfridges and ended with a whole new light module. Claire Hamill and Anna Sandgren of Nulty+ review the research project that gave a new complexion to retail lighting.

  • Retail lighting trends: Counter intelligence

    What developments and furniture trends are in retail lighting? DPA lighting partner Gary Campbell has answers.

  • London Lumiere

    The capital has been seen in a new light, thanks to a host of talented lights artists and the creative guidance of Artichoke which brought its Lumiere light festival to London.

  • Super sun day

    Two daylight projects, both involving Arup, are unique – one designed to let the sunshine in and one that goes back to cultural roots to screen it out.

  • Microalgae: Really go green

    Jill Entwistle examines ways to literally go green, with the production of free energy with green algae.