• Client File: Royal Papworth Hospital

    Clinical project manager Colin Glen worked with HOK on the design of the new Royal Papworth Hospital when it was relocated within Cambridgeshire

  • Talking Points: HOK Biophilia Symposium

    Biophilic design: The key to improving mental health, increasing productivity and reducing stress levels? A report from HOK's Welcome to the Biophilic Concrete Jungle

  • HOK's new Royal Papworth Hospital: 'The guiding light of the NHS'

    HOK’s approach to creating this landmark hospital in Cambridge was both highly specialist and holistic, building on the ethos of Papworth's founding in 1918

  • Full Speed Ahead: Travel innovations

    A host of new solutions that make travelling quicker and smoother are on their way, writes Jason Sayer

  • Creative Wales

    A host of benefits - good broadband connectivity, cheap spaces and beautiful countryside - are working to lure creatives and innovative businesses to Wales. Veronica Simpson reports

  • HOK: Barts Heart Centre, London

    HOK has not only masterplanned the Barts Hospital site but has also created a sparkling new building to sit amid the listed structures already on the London complex.

  • Crick Institute

    The building aimed at housing some of the world’s leading medical research minds has opened in central London

  • If Only ... We used all five senses in designing

    Says Andy Warner Lacey, of HOK