• The Urchin by Electrolight

    Electrolight creates a centrepiece feature for a shopping centre in Brisbane

  • If Only... housing was for all generations

    Matter Architecture consider an intergenerational housing prototype, to get society out of the current, isolating housing model

  • ÅF Lighting turn infrastructure into artwork with interactive coloured lighting

    Transforming two pieces of infrastructure with interactive and playful coloured lighting, ÅF Lighting have made the ordinary delightful – one a mundane underpass, the other a landmark bridge

  • Coloured light in offices

    Coloured lighting can be controversial and there are few more sensitive situations for its use than the workplace. Hoare Lea partner Dominic Meyrick considers chromaticity in the office environment

  • Coloured light – when to use it

    It can enable a unique experience of a space, enhance identity, create character and even tell a story. Luciana Martinez, project designer at Speirs+Major, looks at four recent S+M schemes and analyses the specific role that coloured lighting played

  • Materials: get set, get smart

    This month’s selection of new materials, presented by Annabelle Filer of SCIN, includes a smart textile for clothing that aids athletes to work out in comfort while tracking their performance

  • Reflecting on the merging and morphing of contract sectors

    As workspaces are looking more like living rooms, and many of our homes have a workspace in them, Grant Gibson looks at the phenomenon of contract sectors merging

  • Night Moves

    The contemporary nightclub is a thing of splendour, excitement and adventure. No longer is good music and an exotic cocktail enough to keep the nightlife lovers coming in – this new generation of nightclub has to provide its patrons with a journey of discovery

  • Let’s hear it for Birmingham!

    With HS2 underway, a new station to integrate it with the city at large, districts being developed and the skyline changing year by year, it’s the place to be, says Tariq Shaikh

  • Risks worth taking: FX Talks 2019

    Nothing worth doing is ever easy, so the adage goes. Taking the simple route is always tempting but seldom rewarding, which is why those brave enough to think independently can be such valuable sources of inspiration. FX Talks returned for its second year with another engaging line-up of inspiring radical thinkers to share their individual perspectives on thinking differently