• Is that a razor in your pocket? (or are you going to design the same old stuff as last time)

    Neil Usher, author of the new book The Elemental Workplace, explains what an elemental workplace means to the A&D community

  • Sensitive Subject: workplace sensors and automation

    With organisations that use them often being accused of Big Brother-style surveillance, workplace sensors are as controversial as they are pervasive. But what insight can they provide the design community? Cathy Hayward talks to the experts

  • Q&A with Fora co-founders Enrico Sanna and Katrina Larkin

    We sit down with the co-founders of Fora which has taken the co-working model forward into pro-working

  • Workplace Week takes a bite out of the Big Apple

    Jo Sutherland reports from the New York as the venue for the USA’s debut of Workplace Week, five days of workplace innovation

  • Half a century's worth of design debuts

    In June, NeoCon celebrated its 50th edition, serving as one of the most important events of the year for the commercial design industry. Hosted annually, the show and conference acts as the industry’s launch pad for innovation. 2018 saw a heavy sway towards all things acoustic, sustainable and responsible, complemented by female-driven design solutions. Esme Banks Marr reports from Chicago

  • News from the world of office design

    Cathy Hayward reports on the latest in office design, including new recycling bins, why teddy bears are having a say in furniture, and Lane4 moves to new office

  • Client File: Simon Moore of Ministry of Sound

    Ministry of Sound’s creative director Simon Moore tells us about his ambitions and strategy in creating the new workplace and hub The Ministry

  • Saving Glasgow School of Art

    Glasgow-born architect John McAslan urges GSA's leadership to rebuild Mackintosh's masterpiece out of the ashes

  • Burned Offering: Glasgow School of Art

    Stephen Hitchins examines Mackintosh’s architectural legacy and Steven Holl Architects controversial ‘cliff of glass’ that sits opposite the devastatingly burned iconic GSA

  • Brief encounters in Thailand

    Veronica Simpson unearths a remarkable school in Thailand, whose design and ethos
    is inspired by the founders’ desire to infuse it with emotional and environmental intelligence