• Profile: Ben Addy, Moxon Architects

    Ben Addy, co-founder of Moxon Architects, has opened an office in the Scottish Highlands, and with abundant work, has proved that you don’t have to be in London to succeed

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    Our pick of products new to market

  • The Business in February

    News and pictures from the design sector

  • The Diary: exhibitions, shows and events in February

    Our pick of events happening this month or coming up

  • Phyllida Barlow RA: cul-de-sac

    Phyllida Barlow reinterprets the cul-de-sac in vibrant colours and everyday materials in the RA's new David Chipperfield designed galleries

  • If Only… Shelter could shift our experience of the seasons

    Designers from Seattle-based design firm Olson Kundig share their designs for a flexible shelter – to provide protection on rainy days and light on gloomy days

  • Hannah Stouffer: Lust for Light

    Jill Entwistle takes us through Lust for Light, a new book by artist, illustrator and art director Hannah Stouffer that explores the beauty and power of contemporary light art

  • Jay Osgerby: 'Objects have to justify their existence'

    Designer Jay Osgerby shares with Pamela Buxton the top 10 lessons he’s learned since establishing Barber & Osgerby

  • Brief Encounters in Sheffield

    An exhibition on crystal technologies, both ancient and modern, in Sheffield’s Site Gallery finally gives a weightier, more nuanced perspective on our digital fascinations. Veronica Simpson reports

  • The new New Towns

    There are developments, and then there are developments. By the time it’s completed Greenwich Peninsula will be large enough to be a town in its own right, with all the facilities and amenities one could expect. David Tarpey takes a look, and at a couple more large-scale developments in London and Bedford