• Profile - Tim Hunkin

    FX Talks speaker Tim Hunkin tells us about his engineering degree, cartoons, TV and wacky amusement machines at the seaside

  • Reporter

    The first stretch of the new Elizabeth line (Heathrow to Paddington) is due to open.

  • If Only

    we could escape via hydrogen power says Susana Sousa Egido, architect, Goddard Littlefair.

  • One to Watch – Matter Architecture

    One to Watch is Matter Architecture, founded by Architects Roland Karthaus and Jonathan McDowell in 2016 to bring together their individual wealth of experiences in and knowledge of the built environment

  • Focus: Lighting

    In-store lighting design has to be cleverer and even more flexible with store interiors changing constantly

  • Focus: Biophilia

    After establishing itself in the office and hospitality, biophilia looks set to putting down roots in retail environments

  • Focus: Technology

    With online shopping increasing its influence on the retail market, physical stores are fighting back with the latest weapons

  • Focus: Department Stores

    Department stores are being reinvented for the 21st century with an emphasis on stunning design and flexibility

  • Client File - Sarah Mann

    Sarah Mann, director of the British Council’s architecture design fashion team tells FX what she looks for when selecting practices for commissions.

  • Brief Encounters

    Veronica Simpson wonders what it would take to get a big city like London on its bike. She looks at a design scheme for cycling to be introduced in Waltham Forest