• Lessons from Venice

    The Venice Architecture Biennale is the biggest and most important architecture exhibition in the world. With this year’s theme ‘freespace’ – investigating how architecture can go the extra mile to facilitate engagement, appreciation and utilisation by the public – there is no shortage of inspirational projects as well as those whose ideas perhaps get lost in translation

  • Squire and Partners weave 6 Warwick Street into Soho’s creative scene

    Squire and Partners set out to rework this Soho office building to reflect the area’s inherent creativity and its past inhabitants with a new facade and interiors inspired by Soho habitué Francis Bacon and his fellow Colony Room Clubbers

  • FX is hiring!

    We're looking for a new assistant editor

  • And then there was light…

    Jill Entwistle reports on updates to lighting products creating artificial daylight, and indeed offering night time scenarios too

  • Christabel Balfour: One to Watch in September

    Christabel Balfour weaves the city and the landscape into her work, simplifying their inherent complexities to the fundamentals

  • Top Five: Our favourite products in September

    Our pick of products new to market

  • The Business in September

    News and pictures from the design sector

  • Putting eco before ego: VeloCity

    Do women design any differently from men? As the spotlight shines this year on the role of women in the arts, Veronica Simpson tracks down an ambitious infrastructure proposal by a collaborative team of women that prioritises eco rather than ego

  • The Diary: Exhibitions, shows and events in September

    Our pick of events happening this month or coming up

  • Sadie Morgan: ‘We used to have a voice in government; people would listen to architects’

    One of the ‘M’s in dRMM, we catch up with Sadie Morgan, following the devastating sale of the practice’s Stirling Prize award-winning project, Hastings Pier, to a private owner. She shares her thoughts on the community project’s future, as well as the industry at-large