• Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands/Indoor Sports Centre, University of Birmingham

    Scoring top environmental performance ratings, this new sports centre aims to encourage greater sports participation from students, staff and the general public.

  • Focus: Lit Concrete

    A light-transmitting concrete that also resists corrosion has been used uniquely to full effect in a spa’s thermal pool

  • Focus: Projects

    We take a look at two projects that have employed concrete to serve up outstanding and unusual looks

  • Focus: Characterful

    After hundreds of years as the keystone to building, functional—not beautiful—concrete is changing its character

  • Market makeovers

    In a celebration of the reinvention of a vintage retail format, Veronica Simpson examines the rise of the high-quality, low-cost street food market.

  • Brief Encounters - Hackney Town Hall

    Veronica Simpson looks at the revival and improvements to Hackney Town Hall, turning it into a state-of-the-art local asset

  • Europe is Building

    A building boom is underway in mainland Europe, including a whole village made entirely of wood. But for London’s newly opened, highly sustainable Bloomberg European HQ, after 10 years in the making, would it have happened in the UK post-Brexit? Stephen Hitchins reports

  • Squire and Partners / The Department Store, Brixton

    A former Edwardian retail emporium has been taken from dereliction to dream to give the architecture practice new offices in south London

  • Profile - Michael Pawlyn

    Michael Pawlyn, architect and founder of his practice Exploration Architecture, is in the vanguard of biomimicry in architecture, which formed the basis of his talk as a VIP speaker at last year’s FX talks.

  • Reporter - MIPIM

    MIPIM, the major property and development show, gets ready to greet visitors to its annual venue of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes