• Biophilic flooring: Biophilic materials, colours and shapes

    Think of the sensations of walking barefoot on grass, or of warm sand beneath your feet as you stroll along a beach – a host of designers are now introducing biophilic elements into flooring

  • Flooring with Form and Function

    Flooring can have a vital role to play in managing how people use a space, by both assisting them to find their way around and helping to define the functions of different areas within a building. Kay Hill takes a closer look at flooring designs that are useful as well as beautiful

  • Flooring design for dementia

    Good flooring design can make life easier for people living with dementia, by reducing anxiety and limiting the risk of slips and trips, discovers Kay Hill

  • When less is definitely more

    There’s nothing quite like the purity and simplicity of a plain white backdrop. Kay Hill picks out some projects where less is definitely more when it comes to the floor

  • Turning the floor into a canvas

    In many commercial environments floors tend to be utilitarian and functional, but occasionally designers choose instead to use the space as a giant canvas. Kay Hill discovers projects where the floors get top billing

  • Focus: Products

    Four pages of flooring products to inform the designer’s choice when it comes to specifying this all-important project element.

  • Focus: Healthcare

    Where hygiene is a top priority, flooring has to endure some of the toughest cleaning regimes. We investigate some options

  • Flooring Focus: Spoiled for Choice

    Flooring has a huge range to choose from to do a huge-ranging job, with rugs, carpeting, wood and tiles to complement or add a wow factor to interior spaces.

  • Flooring Focus: Products

    Three pages packed with the latest flooring products ready to be specified in your latest design.

  • Q&A with Resonate Interiors managing director, Pernille Stafford

    Resonate Interiors’ Pernille Stafford gives her views on flooring, inspirations and influences