• ColladoCollins / dunnhumby HQ, Hammersmith

    Once a Ford Motors factory and showroom, this landmark 1915 building has been transformed into a contemporary office, with references to the aesthetics of the past along with a striking new glass roof.

  • BDP / National Army Museum, London

    Now with a major overhaul re-ordering the interior (exhibition design by Event) and adding a welcoming new frontage, BDP has the museum proudly on parade...

  • Profile - Corrine Beaumont

    A trained graphic designer, Corrine Beaumont was spurred into action by the deaths of three close people from breast cancer into designing easily understood graphics to spread knowledge about the disease to a wide-as-possible audience

  • Reporter - Le Voyage à Nantes

    We take a trip to Nantes in France to preview the summer’s cultural festival Le Voyage à Nantes, with contemporary art installations and exhibitions throughout the city

  • One to Watch: Envelope Architects

    One to Watch is Envelope Architects, with husband-and-wife team Graham and Suzie Brown describing themselves as ‘innovators; visionary, envelopment consultants’ and offering striking and unique structures

  • Make Architects/Harrods’ Entrance Hall

    Original art-deco heritage finds have been blended with contemporary design for the high-end store’s new-look entrance hall

  • Campaign/Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, Gatwick

    Two new pre-flight lounges have been created to offer passengers a sanctuary away from the crowds

  • Jeffery Beers International / Gotham Market, Brooklyn

    Sitting under one soaring roof, a selection of restaurants and bars are connected through the practice’s design and decor scheme

  • Profile - Christopher Jenner

    Christopher Jenner, fresh from the Milan Salone and the launch of his contemporary ceramic tableware collection Yixing, tells us of his passion for creating beauty

  • Reporter - Amanda Levete

    The second phase of the V&A’s restoration and redesign programme, designed by Amanda Levete, opens this month