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  • La belle et la bête: the Fondation Pathé by Renzo Piano

    Renzo Piano has inserted a radical aluminium-clad six-storey structure directly into the historic urban fabric of Paris, but it remains virtually invisible from the street. Piano himself admits that the Fondation Pathé ‘looks like a little animal actually trying to go up and breathe fresh air’.

  • Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture - review

    American architect Louis Kahn is renowned as a visionary, his work taught in architecture schools far and wide, and yet his acclaim is based on a few diverse buildings completed in a relatively short burst of just 25 years.

  • Nigel Coates: Curated Diary

    Nigel Coates: architect and designer with a unique conceptual edge.

  • The best graduate work of 2014

    As we head back to school, it’s time to celebrate the very best in student work from around the UK. To help survey, nominate and comment on degree projects ranging from architecture and communication design to product design and material futures, Blueprint has brought together a spectrum of esteemed practitioners, designers and critics, including Alex Arestis, Eddie Blake, Kevin Haley, Adam Hiles, Kristian Hyde, Holly Lewis, Hugh McEwen, Steve Parnell, Katherine Spence and Elly Ward. The future starts here...

  • Hans Ulrich Obrist and Jean Nouvel at the Cartier Foundation

    A special exhibition is being held to mark the occasion of 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Cartier Fondation, housed for the past 20 years in an iconic building on the site of Chateaubriand’s house in the Boulevard Raspail. The Serpentine Galleries’ co-director of exhibitions and programmes and director of international projects Hans-Ulrich Obrist talks with Jean Nouvel, the building’s architect.

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