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  • Glass: A flexible material

    Chris Lefteri examines new strides in glass, the once fragile and brittle material that, through technology, offers both flexibility and transparency, and as such is guaranteeing its place in the future. Lefteri, a designer and author, has helped some of the world’s largest consumer brands formulate new strategies for effective materials integration during the design process.

  • Renzo Piano - interview

    The maestro sends Herbert Wright a picture of his secret forest retreat and from there enlightens him about the Fondation Pathé, the secrets of a tranquil garden and hidden beauty.

  • La belle et la bête: the Fondation Pathé by Renzo Piano

    Renzo Piano has inserted a radical aluminium-clad six-storey structure directly into the historic urban fabric of Paris, but it remains virtually invisible from the street. Piano himself admits that the Fondation Pathé ‘looks like a little animal actually trying to go up and breathe fresh air’.

  • Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture - review

    American architect Louis Kahn is renowned as a visionary, his work taught in architecture schools far and wide, and yet his acclaim is based on a few diverse buildings completed in a relatively short burst of just 25 years.

  • Nigel Coates: Curated Diary

    Nigel Coates: architect and designer with a unique conceptual edge.

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