Viega’s Prevista Flush Plates: For Every Taste

Scott James, Managing Director at Viega, explains the influences behind the brand’s latest range of Visign flush plates, all of which are compatible with Prevista, the new innovation in pre-wall bathroom technology from Viega.

Bathrooms are much more than a functional space. An increasingly prominent part of our homes, bathrooms are also a key part of the modern hotel and leisure experience. They are spaces that allow a splash of luxury and relaxation in our busy lives and represent a place where individuals or brands can express their personality. That is why our newly expanded range of Visign flush plates has been designed to offer greater choice and perfectly combine form and function.

When designing new additions to our range of flush plates we regularly look for inspiration in worldwide trends. From the minimalistic designs featuring tone-on-tone colours to elegant styles that create clear contrasts, our Visign flush plates have a design for everybody.

The Visign for More collection provides the choice of both bold, eye-catching designs alongside stylish but unassuming options. For example, Visign for More 200 has a simple curving shape and is offered in a range of materials. The stained oak is the perfect partner to wood-accented walls. For a flush plate with more flair, the black and white glass options lend a cool, glossy finish. Looking to achieve more of a contrast? Then the gold-plated metal or metallic copper gold versions make a striking visual statement.

Our Visign for More 202 flush platetakes the usual press actuation and instead, features a prominent, rotating button designed with LED illumination. This is a bold contrast to the classic flat design often seen in bathrooms. In addition, the colour scheme offers designs in three metallics or any special colours on request. In the iF Design Awards 2020, it was awarded the iF gold label for its innovative take on minimalist design.

The Visign for Style is a collection inspired by modern, minimalist shapes and designs with the option for a rich colour contrast on the flush buttons. The Visign for Style 25 Sensitive has an after-glow paint that charges itself during the day from natural and artificial sources of light. This means by the evening it will actually glow, providing guidance without the need to switch on a light. A hygienic solution as well, it has been designed to offer touchless flush actuation.

All Viega flush plates have a clear focus on high quality design and intelligent technology. As such, all Visign flush plates work in combination with all Prevista WC cistern frames within Viega’s latest pre-wall system. Straight forward to install, Prevista preserves water hygiene, and allows for all the elements to be individually adjusted to suit all needs.

Finally, Viega’s flush plate configurator allows you to select the right product from an aesthetic and performance perspective – providing key guidance. To view, and for further information on Viega’s diverse range of flush plates, visit

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