UNO Contract presents the first collection for the hospitality industry that can be customised online

UNO Essential will be launched exclusively on

UNO Essential is born of the vision with which UNO Contract changes the rules of luxury hospitality, by bringing a new commercial offer to the Contract market: the first Italian design contract collection that can be customised and purchased online. The collection responds to the needs of professionals, architects and interior designers working on interiors projects for commercial premises like hotels, restaurants and bars.

The idea took shape from the fruitful encounter between UNO Contract, that was working on a high- end and extremely versatile contract collection, and Artemest, that was looking for a partner to create new services for its customers.

The successful combination of UNO Contract’s productive leadership and Artemest’s commercial aptitude, the artistic direction and design of Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda, the personality of fabrics by Métaphores — the French brand that belongs to Hermes’ textile division — brought to life a radically new project and commercial intuition for this sector.

UNO Essential brings a highly innovative concept to the luxury hôtellerie market and creates a new key for accessing high-end Italian design, with a solution that can be fully managed online. The speed and effectiveness of choices made online result in major savings in costs and times in the procurement of a real luxury product. In this way, an entire contract project can be negotiated and customised more easily, as the process becomes seamless, accessible and flexible, and the number of possibilities expands.

This vision of contract is expressed in concrete terms with the first collection, UNO Essential, that will be on sale on starting from 23 September 2020. Artemest will be the exclusive online commercial partner for UNO Contract.

«We are delighted to unveil Artemest’s new offer for the luxury hospitality industry with the launch of the UNO Essential contract collection, which is produced by UNO Contract and designed by Ciarmoli Queda Studio» says Marco Credendino, Artemest’s CEO and co-founder. «This partnership stems from the desire to offer our customers new solutions

of the highest quality, and in choosing UNO Contract we knew we were dealing with an undisputed leader in the hospitality sector. Artemest thereby responds to the requirements of the industry’s professionals, by offering exclusive furnishing, lighting and decorations, as well as the attentive and responsive support of our dedicated teams for the design of customisable solutions for retail, hôtellerie, restaurant and commercial premises. All of this is presented through a digital showcase that is full of information and content.»

The collection comprises 29 pieces that are available in a variety of different finishes and fabrics, with profiles inspired by natural forms and the strength of the elements. The essential lines of these pieces create a delicate minimalism: the chairs are seductive velvet stones, the chaises-longues combine simplicity and solidity, the mirrors with textile frames give a realistic three-dimensional sense of a carving or erosion. Naturalness, minimalism and a careful balance also characterise the colour palette. Warm and cold hues intertwine unexpectedly but never randomly: strong shades that call to mind nature’s most intense countenance — the warmest earthy colours, brown, full yellows... — contrast with the pale nuances of linens that are reminiscent of stone or sand; but also, at the other end of the spectrum, dark velvets announcing the colour of the depths, somewhere between blue and brown.

UNO Essential brings to life a story that goes beyond the collection. The idea behind the project and its familiar aesthetic are at the heart of the photo-reportage and shots. The images are set against the unmistakable atmosphere of Venice: a barge cuts through its green waters, as the lines and colours of the Canal Grande, the calli around the Peggy Guggenheim, the Giudecca and the Biennale form the backdrop.

Venice is a natural choice for a collection embodying the best of Italian sensibility and a strong innovative drive. Not just for its internationally admired beauty, but also because of its symbolic value as the first “global city” in history: a capital that flourished in a centuries-old role as a crossroads and a promoter of trade and innovation, and whose ability to combine enterprise, aesthetic research and bold adventurousness made it a precursor of the contemporary ethos. The city reciprocated this attention: as proof of the profound harmony between their respective sensibilities, the Venice Pavilion of the Biennale has chosen UNO Contract as partner for the event “Aperture Straordinarie”, where special editions of selected UNO Essential items were presented.

«UNO Essential is more than a new collection, it is a solution and starting point for an infinite number of customisation options, which professionals, designers and architects can take inspiration from for their projects» explains Mauro Tabaro, CEO of UNO Contract. «We offer our extensive experience and track record in the contract sector to make project work easier. Every item can be amended very easily, in accordance with the requirements and tastes of our customers. Dimensions, finishes and fabrics can be adapted on the basis of the type of location and use, while fully respecting the materials and technical characteristics the contract sector requires.»

In keeping with the vision of the Venice based company, UNO Essential is produced in compliance with ambitious sustainability principles. The collection only uses wood from FSC-certified forests for all its pieces and water-based paints for wooden surfaces, and has virtually eliminated use of plastic materials even for packaging.

UNO Essential represents a turning point in the contract world and is just the first collection UNO Contract will be presenting in this market. Future partnerships with other leading designers and architects are in the making, for the development of new contract solutions that will further add to the company’s range of offers for its customers.


About UNO Contract

UNO Contract is a company specialising in the production of furnishing for luxury hotels, residential hotels and cruise ships. It is based in Pramaggiore, in the metropolitan city of Venice, and has three production sites with a total covered area of 60,000 sqm. Founded in 1985 as a furniture manufacturer, it evolved from its initial vocation for producing custom-made pieces and developed distinctive technical and industrial expertise which it later refined and successfully transferred to what is now its core activity, the contract sector. The company is currently run by the second generation of entrepreneurs from the founding family, who are supported by a highly experienced management team. In its 35-year history it has amassed experience all around the world, delivering projects designed by renowned architecture and interior design firms for the most important brands in the hospitality industry. 

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