Unique handmade Colombian furniture pieces

CarmWorks is a Colombian design furniture studio focused on handmade woodworking pieces, committed to craft elements who can pleased the senses by the attentive observation of the gestures that nature leaves into the object, tones and finishes on change throughout the time, a reminder of our impermanence and constant change into the world.

This traces; along with the pursuing of the artisan, to translate an intangible into a candor respond, creating an object with an innate narrative witch can bespeaks about the process and techniques that exists embodied inside the piece.

This vast expression; touting the senses in a such immersive multi-sensory experience, an inexhaustible source of information wanted to be discover; shapes, textures, behaviors and patterns, attributes that can been seeing in all the scales possible. By allowing to perceive nature as the source of inspiration; directs an opportunity to be translated as a soul of the object, inviting to appreciate this qualities that emerge by themselves.

Committed to create handmade furniture, influenced by the observation in nature & inspired by three simple realities: nothing last, nothing is complete and nothing is perfect.

About Camilo

Camilo Andres Rodriguez Marquez is a Colombian born designer with studies in industrial design from Colombia (FUAC) and Mexico (UNAM). Fascinated with photography and cinematography, his intention is to unify this two artistic expressions into his design in the form of narrative, projecting and communicating the interaction between the world and his objects. In his visits to several places in Mexico such as San Juan Chamula in the sierra of Chiapas, Tzintzuntzan in Michoacán or Real de Catorce in San Luis Potosí. Was exposed to experiences that provided him with the awareness of how traditions, storytelling and rituals play an important role on how humans interpret their reality and our role in the universe.

My hope is that we become attuned with what surrounds us in a sensorially and emotional state, by perceiving this pieces with a story Injected in the creation. This is why I want to exhibit where it originated from and the relationship with the craftsman. This journey leaves a trace that can be seen in those imperfections, details and physical signals that the artlessness of the handicraft possesses.

The reinterpretation on this interaction aims to provide a holistic view, where the mind can find a pleasurable and seamless contemplation in regards to the imperfection and the impermanence of nature.

CarmWorks is a respond to this exploration, on shaping people’s lives by suggesting a broader sensibility and providing a story to tell with these objects.


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