Rotpunkt launch smart-ready kitchen lighting!

Smart-ready LED lighting solutions – from modern glass vitrines to integrated strip lighting inside larders

Rotpunkt, award-winning carbon neutral manufacturer of German kitchen furniture make the lighting design process even easier with the launch of energy efficient, smart-ready LED lighting integrated across its range of cabinet-style furniture and shelving, as standard.

Enabling you to design-in lighting at the very start of a project, Rotpunkt make it easy for designers and homeowners alike to optimize the kitchen space by deciding on lighting options at the same time as choosing the furniture. Delivering on form and function, the new Rotpunkt smart-ready lighting solutions are designed using network enabled technology so you can easily control your kitchen lights remotely using a digital assistant on your tablet or smartphone, as well as wired-in smart home systems that can intelligently adapt to specific lifestyle patterns and user preferences.

Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations at Rotpunkt says, “Integrated smart lighting is really taking off for us as homeowners enjoy the freedom to control their home with their voice using personal virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri. We have now made this process even easier by incorporating long-life, energy efficient smart-enabled LED lighting as standard to enhance the overall look and feel of a kitchen space. Investing in different types of lighting will enhance a big cooking session through to downtime with the family, so kitchen designers need to become lighting experts too – both decoratively and operatively.”

With a host of contemporary styles, including the new slim-line Pendant ceiling light specially designed to complement the company’s 2021 kitchen solutions, Rotpunkt is able to place importance on kitchen lighting, which is vital for boosting hazard perception and being able to efficiently prepare and cook food. This is crucial in a multi-generational household as we all need more light as we get older. In fact, it is reported that over 65’s require double the light levels when compared to people in their 20’s so make sure you consider how to light the space at the concept stage.

Now you can future-proof your kitchen when cooking, dining and entertaining family and friends:

  • Designer detailing: be your own stylist with 11 different options including pendants, strip lighting and spotlights. All Rotpunkt lighting fixtures and fittings are available in an ultra-modern black finish to complement the latest kitchen decors and offer the ultimate in seamless co-ordination with appliances and key elements such as ergonomic handles and Wall Solutions.
  • Integrated lighting: practical and ergonomic, built-in LED solutions make it even easier for you to use and enjoy your kitchen so you can illuminate larders, open shelving, vitrines, display areas and island units. Simply select your lighting and furniture in one complete hassle-free package with options which are designed to complement the doors and drawer fronts for visual coherence and aesthetic impact.
  • Smart ready: as home technology evolves, it’s increasingly desirable to have the ability to control your lighting digitally and even connect it to other smart home functions for an environment which is perfectly tailored to your needs and can even anticipate your next move. Stay ahead of the game, safe in the knowledge that your lighting can be controlled remotely: whether you’re at home or out and about thanks to the latest smart home systems.

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