Designer wall coverings to decorate contemporary spaces in style: Lineadeko, developed by Inkiostro Bianco and Listone Giordano, is a collection of three-dimensional effect wooden surfaces, designed by Aldo Cibic, whose refined graphical and decorative impact is rich in striking elements inspired by nature as well as by geometry, and perhaps even by the wider world of the graphic and visual arts.

Unique wall surfaces, even large ones, are engraved with elegant motifs and textures, for a marked tactile effect that lends a new identity to matter.

These surfaces have a significant visual impact while providing extraordinary tactile sensations, velvety and soft to the touch. Thanks to their technical properties, they are suited to decorating, or better clothing a variety of rooms, from bathrooms to contemporary kitchens, as well as more complex projects in the sector of wellness or hospitality: offices, hotellerie, luxury yachting and public spaces.

The collection offers two large size and moulds surfaces with force and personality. The geometries and motifs are designed to leave room for new creative inputs, free to renew over time, following future trends in interior design and decoration.

Lineadeko offers nine textures, whose different patterns evoke elements from the botanical world or geometric and linear motifs, unfolding in rhythmical and harmonious shapes.

The laser engravings feature bold lines that are animated according to the observation point and the incidence of light, providing additional dynamism to the surfaces.

All the structures are available in warm nuances that enhance their softness, emphasising the personality of the motifs.

The coverings stem from long research work and a painstaking production process, and were developed thanks to the close partnership between Inkiostro Bianco and Listone Giordano, which was born with Undici – the first collection of parquet floors with laser engraved decorations. Their satin finish, soft and silky to the touch, assures protection and durability, while enhancing the brightness of the hue and the sharpness of the motif.

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