Brintons launches new Cut and Loop wilton carpet

Carpet is the foundation of the guestroom. As the largest design element in the space, carpet has an important role to play in the overall interior. With a wool-rich wilton carpet, woven in sophisticated restrained palettes of two and three colours, the floor can act as a solid neutral base or a textured statement to build your room atop of.

Manufactured on face-to-face looms housed in Brintons wholly owned ISO 9001 accredited facilities Brintons wilton carpets are woven with 100% wool creating a high-quality durable floor covering. Wool has a natural resistance to dirt and water making it exceptionally easy maintenance and being naturally flame retardant, wool is safe for use in commercial interiors.

Enhance guest experience with a 100% loop woven wilton or play with different cut percentages to achieve a luxurious cut and looped carpet. Sophisticated texture and colour options, hide stains and provide much needed visual depth to minimal contemporary interiors.

Brintons wilton allows designers to incorporate dynamic textural effects in high-quality guestroom flooring. 100% wool paired with cut and loop construction offers unparalleled dimension and irresistible tactility. Achieve harmony by repeating geometric and organic design elements in a different scale or bring the outdoors in with traditional florals and meandering botanicals. Choose up to two colours in a looped carpet or three colours in a cut and looped carpet from over 500 tufts in Brintons standard colours.


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