Some of the greatest and most enduring pieces of furniture ever designed have been by architects. Think of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, whose chairs and tables are as iconic as his architecture; or of Le Corbusier, who applied the same rigorous standards to the design of his classic chaise longue as he did to the design of his buildings.

Turning the Tables, a new exhibition opening this evening at Great Western Studios in west London, continues this tradition by exhibiting 12 tables designed by architects including Will Alsop and Heng Zhi.

The result is a diverse collection of tables by some our best contemporary architects and designers. Whether any of the pieces in this show will become design classics, it's too early to say, but by focusing on one type of furniture -the table - this exhibition gives us fascinating insight into the possibilities that exist for an item that is often overlooked by designers.

Turning the Tables opens to the public tomorrow and is on until 18 February.