Vancouver-based furniture design company Straight Line Designs has been creating quirky and genius designs for the past 25 years. Designer Judson Beaumont and the staff at the company are staying away from mass production with their work and have instead taken on a challenge to come up with items that are new and inspiring yet functional in their designs.

Here are some examples of Beaumont's creations:

This Apple Cabinet is made with maple-veneered plywood for the cabinet area. 2-part expanded foam has been used for the bitten area.

The solution for the Hollow Chair is genius in its simplicity. The empty base area of the chair can be filled with whatever suits the surroundings - water bottles and towels for a gym or a spa, books for a library and so forth. The pieces of the chair were designed on a computer and then cut out from Baltic birch plywood with a CNC machine.

Have a look at these other ideas that should bring on a smile:

It's good to see some humour from time to time.

Beaumont's plan for Straight Line Designs is to continue designing inspiring and creative environments as well as furniture for hospitals, airports, day care centres and other public spaces. In addition to furniture, the company also does installations, sculptures and takes on private commissions.