What do you consider as a luxury? London-based artist Jeremy Hutchison says that ‘true luxury has no function. It is not something to be used or understood. It is a feeling: beyond sense, beyond logic, beyond utility. It is an ethic of perfect dysfunctionality.’

To prove his point, Hutchison asked factory workers from India, China, Turkey and Pakistan to insert an error of their choice into the items they produced every day, with a condition that the error would render the object functionless. This resulted in some fascinating designs such as a toothless comb or a notebook that has been bound on both sides so that it can't be opened.

The project has now been turned into an exhibition. Titled Erratum, the show opens 5 December at a pop-up boutique in Paradise Row, London and will remain open until 21 December. All the objects can also be bought from Erratum's online shop.

Hutchison works across the media of installation, performance, video and sculpture and investigates the mechanisms of the 21st century with his art. Erratum will be Hutchison's first UK solo show but his works have previously been featured in Saatchi Gallery and V&A Museum among other galleries.