Imagine going camping in wilderness but instead of the hassle of setting up a tent, crawling in and out of sleeping bags you could be gazing at the starry sky in the middle of nature from the comfort of a hotel-standard bed.

Visitors to the Matsalu National Park in western Estonia can do just that thanks to a Bubble hotel that has been set up on the grounds of Algallika guesthouse in the park. The hotel's owner Ermil Miggur said that in essence the structure is a bubble-shaped tent with a see-through roof.

From the inside, the bubble looks like a traditional hotel room with all the essentials. A particular emphasis has been put on the bed, duvet and pillows, all of which have been made from eco-friendly materials and manufactured in Estonia - the owner wants the guests to have a great experience gazing at the night sky. The structure of the tent is kept in shape by blowing in air through a special system.

The bubble is located some 20m away from the seafront and is surrounded by meadows and juniper bushes. The hotel also provides a great viewing point for bird watching, as the area is inhabited by different species.

Miggur came up with the idea for Bubble hotel after reading a news piece about similar tents in France and decided to set one up in Estonia. The Bubble hotel is now the first of its kind in Scandinavia and the Baltics. At the moment there is only one bubble that accommodates two people but Miggur has plans to set up more of them in the future.