Bangkok-based design agency 56thStudio has come up with fabric patterns inspired by the songs of the Beatles. The designers have taken three songs - Strawberry Fields Forever, Across the Universe, and Come Together, and interpreted these into eye-catching fabrics.

The pattern for Strawberry Fields Forever is structurally inspired by William Morris's botanical prints, and Across the Universe references ethnic style. Come Together is formed of a patchwork of bold graphic patterns.

56thStudio has used the fabrics to make pillows but has also come up with upholstered chairs, which it has named Bad Romance. The designers took cheaper end (and in their mind ugly) banqueting chairs and reinterpreted these by upholstering them with the fabrics inspired by the Beatles. The designers said that they really enjoy hijacking existing but underrated forms and (re)making them in their own way, and believe that the result is very refreshing.

Going forward, 56thStudio says it would like to turn more songs by the Beatles into fabric patterns, and is especially inspired by Golden Slumbers, Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees) and Rocky Raccoon.

56thStudio has also other quirky furniture and fabric collections to its name, for example chairs inspired by different cartoon characters, including the Simpson family.